Rational of project

Young people are our future, but also our present. The opportunities created for young people today lay the foundations for what economies will be able to achieve tomorrow. It is through employment that young people can realize their aspirations, improve their living conditions and fulfill their responsibilities, not only as productive agents but also as citizens. Creating employment opportunities for young people makes economies stronger.

The Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, and Italy are faced with many challenges related to youth employment. Additionally, COVID-19 has a serious influence on youth employment and will lead to a higher youth unemployment rate. 

Sharing knowledge and experience through youth integration in society and the job market, was the cornerstone for the YEI project design, with a focus on developing innovative tools that can be used by young people and their educators to their benefit in daily life and work.

The YEI project aims to contribute to reducing the numbers of young people who are not involved in education, employment, and training, by the Provision of supported employment services for vulnerable youth provided by youth coaches.