In most of the jobs we do, we work in teams.
It is practically difficult to imagine a position where we would not have to cooperate with anyone. Even if we do not work directly with our colleagues, we cooperate with the manager or the client. The ability to work in a group is one of the soft skills that are of particular importance to employers. We should expect that we will be asked about it very often during job interviews.
What exactly is this teamwork and why it is important in keeping the job?
The most important principles of teamwork are: improving communication skills, realizing team goals, conscientious performance of assigned tasks, honesty, showing trust a respect, building a friendly atmosphere, being open to the expectations and suggestions of colleagues, formulating understandable feedback, taking responsibility for undertaken actions, solving problems together, etc.
To work effectively in a group, we cannot only look after our interests. Adopting such an attitude makes it difficult to achieve the goals that can be achieved through cooperation. A team of workers can be compared to a machine in which the failure of one part leads to the immobilization of the entire structure. Teamwork in the company is associated with the implementation of common goals. Additionally, everyone should be aware that they must take responsibility for their tasks and responsibilities, and not wait for another team member to do the work for us. This entails taking responsibility for the work of the entire team, not just an individual.

Working in a group is also made difficult by despotic behaviour and lack of humility. Common goals can only be achieved through dialogue. Several people perceive much more than one – it is worth using this potential. Constructive criticism and praise also help in effective cooperation. Formulating these types of messages is not solely the responsibility of the leaders. It’s good if all team members motivate each other.

Zvonko Dimoski

Local Action Group AGRO LIDER



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