In the times that we live now, our life success does not depend solely on our knowledge, experience and skills. Often it is not only related to our skills, but … to our self-confidence.

What is self-confidence?

Opposite of what might be taken for a common statement, self-confidence certainly is not equal to the narcissistic approach (we do not consider ourselves the “centre of the world”), and it doesn’t mean that “we see only our qualities”. Believing in ourselves means being aware and capable to rationally evaluate our strong sides, but our disadvantages as well.

Why do we sometimes find it difficult to achieve this? There are many reasons, but here are a few that are considered to be crucial: we don’t have available tools, we are afraid of criticism, we might think that self-awareness is not important, we are affected by social restrictions or we simply feel fear and stress.

Developing a sense of self-worth and self-confidence brings great benefits to companies or organizations. This aspect is very important for efficiency at work, and it also leads to an increase in the level of satisfaction among employees. Because of that, they are more strongly engaged in work, they are more self-indulgent when they feel valued and safe, they are able to work on their mistakes, and they are ready to learn new skills as well. Thanks to this, organization/companies are better prepared to work in difficult times. Investing in the self-confidence of people who work with us brings outstanding results that can easily be recognized and measurable.

Many aspects are defining the concept of self-confidence, although most of the professionals agree that among the most important guilds of a person who has such ability/strength are: 

 – They believe in their possibilities,

– They clearly and distinctly set and speak about their boundaries,

– They know how to cope with stress and are happy with themselves,

– They are not afraid of public appearances,

– They will fit perfectly in new companies/teams,

– They openly express their own, and the thrust in other people,

– They are positive towards different opinions and involved when others are sharing their thoughts,

– They encourage others to use and develop their abilities.

 Thinking about self-confidence we must not forget that the key is to work constantly on building and improving our self-confidence, which will increase our sense of self-worth, allowing us to achieve exactly what we want. Working on it, we are working on new opportunities for our personal and professional life.

Zvonko Dimoski

Local Action Group AGRO LIDER